David Kim

2017 Oscars Campaign

I had the privilege of working for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) in the fall of 2016. I worked with a small group of designers to produce the biggest celebration of the movies. I designed a style guide for logo usage for tv spots and created promotional materials for the Oscars. I also created a new direction for the Academy’s Instagram posts that reached 4x as many users than the average post.

The biggest challenge I faced was making fresh new content while maintaining the classic look of the brand. In collaboration with ‘Me & the Bootmaker’ studios, we were able to create a new look for the 89th Oscars ceremony.

Please enjoy this sampling of what I can share from my time at A.M.P.A.S.


The 89th Oscar Awards Campaign

Logo usage style guide, Digital design assets, 2016 Social media campaign, Concept art


89th Oscar Awards Campaign

The logo is used everywhere during the campaign. I created rules to create consistency throughout the campaign.


I put together the 2017 Oscars Logo usage style guide.

These constraints became the standard for determining acceptable logo usage for the 2017 campaign.


It can be difficult to imagine what paths designers might take to misuse your logo.

Preventative measures are important to reducing waste!


Color guides are essential for maintaining consistency within the design team.


Knowing what not to do is just as helpful as knowing what to do. These examples kept us from


Templates ensure higher quality first drafts. They also mean that there will be less surprises along the way.

I curated a set of images that represented the look and feel that this campaign called for.


A.M.P.A.S. Social Media Campaign 


2016 Instagram Campaign


I led my team in creating original vector artwork that focused on quotes from beloved movies, and creating promotional materials for the upcoming awards ceremony.


My holiday campaign gained 4x as many views as the average post.


Member Content and Concept Designs


Member Content


Digital content is sent out as a way to recognize members of the academy and to be a resource for the community.


Concept Designs


These initial concepts for the Tune-in would eventually be the look of the official host announcement.


I created a concept campaign centered around celebrating the best animators in the industry. These pocket protectors represented John Lasseter and Hiyao Miyazaki.